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Need Help Now
If you are in danger now, please
call 911, or call your local hot
line.  Or Call National Child
Abuse Hot line 1-800-4-A-
CHILD®      (1-800-422-4453)
Available   24 hours a da

All computers can leave a trail of
what you write, or the links that
you click on, or the websites that
you visit. If  you are unsure about
your computer, please use the
Private Hot-line
800-799-SAFE (7233)

The AMBER Alert™
Program is a voluntary
partnership between law-
enforcement agencies,
broadcasters, transportation
agencies, and the wireless
industry, to activate an urgent
bulletin in the most serious
child-abduction cases.

The goal of an AMBER Alert is
to instantly galvanize the entire
community to assist in the
search for and the safe recovery
of the child
(John 14:14) 14 If you will ask anything in my name, I
will do it. (James 4:10) 10 Humble yourselves in the
sight of the Lord, and he will exalt you.
Dear Lord,

Father, right now we give thanks that we are all your
children and because we belong to You we are
granted the wonderful honor and power of prayer.
Thank you Father for not only teaching us how to pray,
but for teaching us to incorporate prayer in our daily
lives - in and out of times just like these. Thank you for
teaching us to pray, and to know that You hear us and
answer our prayers - Thank You Lord!

In the precious name of Jesus,  We pray that You
always find us Standing in the Gap, praying and crying
out along with, and on behalf of all families, and
specifically today the families of missing and exploited

We continue to pray for the children and parents who
seek to reunite with each other. Whether their
separations are by misfortune or personal choice,
please continue to draw these families to You and to
each other that they may also glorify You.

Please Father, by your divine grace and mercy
embrace these families with Your love and kindness.
We pray that as You reunite these, and other families
that You will fill them with love, understanding and
respect for each others' differences as they strive to
bond with each other and recapture the lost years.

Please Lord, grant them discernment and wisdom that
they may know this is Your will, and that you are the
compassionate Master of this plan who all honor and
glory is due. Father, this is exactly why we come before
You today, to give You the honor and praise. Lord, we
pray that by your divine grace and mercy You continue
to bless these families with a strong desire to keep
praying and seeking Your Kingdom.

Please, bless each of these families to continue
upholding the family values and standards that glorify
You. May their lives and stories serve as a living tool to
draw others closer to you.

Lord, we simply say thank You for such a divine plan  
to reunite these families. Father, we know that by faith,
and as promised in Your Word, with You all things are
possible if we only believe.

Dear Lord, we ask that You bless these families to
continue incorporating prayer in all things. We pray
that these families know You for themselves and will
always place their total trust and faith in You.

Please Lord, always nourish and strengthen them in
love, faith and hope in You. Father, we pray that You
will continue blessing them to be the family unit that
You designed us to be.  

In the precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen

(written and prayed by the Prayers Inc. Team)
We continue to pray for the families in the
following videos. Please join us in prayer
for the families of missing and exploited
children. Add your prayer and your faith
PRAY WITH US        

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