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1. What is Prayers Inc.?

By the grace of God, we are the connection for all people seeking prayer and
healing. Prayers Inc. is comprised of God's servants teaching   and sharing how  
we successfully incorporate daily prayer into our lives.  Prayers Inc. presents
practical methods on approaching the Lord  in prayer about all things
concerning your life.  We are a team of God fearing Christians acknowledging
that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is the resurrected Son of God who has  
been given all power and authority in heaven and on earth.
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2.  Where can I read prayer requests?
Our Blog Standing In the Gap s our public prayer board.

3.  Can I submit private prayers?
Yes, you  may submit private prayer requests and/or replies by using the form
below. The Private Prayer Requests form can be found on other pages
throughout our site. All prayers submitted using our Private Prayer form will not
be viewed by the public, nor  publicly posted.

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We obey the LORD, and He watches over us, and answer our prayers.  Psalm 34:15
We are a prayer team sharing the best
Christianity, Culture, and Community.
Please submit your prayer request,
prayers, and comments.

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