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Please read "A Moment In Time" (on this page),
the importance of keeping your family history
alive. Please use the form below to share your
challenges and victories.

"A Moment In Time - Memories"

Please read why you should share your story.  Whether you
have been a believe or all your life  or you recently came to
faith in Jesus Christ, you have a story that your children and
grandchildren  should hear.

If you have been a believer all your life, you must have stories
of answered prayer, special guidance  or victory over temptation.  

If you didn't come to faith in Christ till you were old, you must
have a story of a dramatic conversion. You should record
these stories  and other precious memories for your children
and grandchildren.

You might say, "They don't want to hear my old stories." True,
they might not want to listen  to them now, but some day
somebody in the family may wish they had listened and taken

That is why it is important to record those stories soon. If you
don't like writing, speak into a tape recorder or have someone
videotape you.

If your children or grandchildren are not believers, they might
never to go church, listen to a Christian radio station or read
books by Billy Graham, but some day they might eagerly read
what their own mom or dad, grandma or grandpa have written.

If among other interesting memories, you have also written or
spoken about your spiritual pilgrimage, yours might be the only
godly message your children and grandchildren will hear.

Submitted by Cathy Hughes
Author Unknown
A Moment In Time - Memories

Christian Poetry

Thomas DiFrancesca III
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Phyllis Bridges
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Peter Graves
The Shivering Beggar
In the presence of your Father: this is the second
thought. You come to the inner chamber, because
your Father with His love awaits you there
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